About ICONWORLD Platform

3 Years of experience in digital cryptocurrency business and the Blockchain technology

Icon World Token is a platform that supports icons and fans, removing the disparity between them with the bespoke use of technologies like distributed ledger and cryptocurrency. Icon world token aims to create thoughtful solutions and long-term change for the world's most complex problems, i.e., the act of not honoring the icons. Icon world tokens creates a brand new experience for donating, giving everyone the ability to see track their donations as they are made through blockchain. Icon World Token envisions the use of blockchain technology as a social contract to end the suffering of innovative ideas and people by helping them raise funds through angel investors and crowdfunding.

Icon world tokens is a sustainable project that nurtures new and innovative ideas in society. Community governance being the key operating principle of Icon world tokens , the token holders can shape the future of the platform through voting. The more Icon Tokens they hold, the more impact they can have on the decisions. Icon World Token revolutionizes the current financial system where the return on investment is very low. Icon world tokens allows the community members to stake their own tokens or NFTs to earn good rewards from the platform. The entire platform is driven by smart contracts, lines of code deployed on Binance Smart Chain to automate the tasks like collection of funds and distribution of rewards to the stakeholders. Icon world tokens ensures genuine rewards distribution without any human intervention.

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