Icon World Token being a decentralized utility token, presents numerous benefits to community members and institutional investors. Icon World Token is a utility token that can be used by the fans to connect to the icons and also get access to crowdfunding and donations. IWT is a BEP-20 standard token deployed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that helps the members create Non-Fungible assets whose price is backed by real-world assets. Icon World Tokens also creates a tokenized passion for the supporters/fans as decision-makers in the creation of new tokens under the Icon World Token. The token has a lot of use-cases including the staking ability and as a governance token. This BEP-20 token's standard is very much similar to that of ERC-20 on the ethereum blockchain. This coin fuels the transactions on the IWT platform, making the donations transparent to the public.


Yes, these sales will come in the order of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and/or Initial Exchange Offering (IEO).

As at the period of this documentation Icon World Tokens has not made sales

Yes, IWT is listed on ICON WORLD platform prior to its launching in other exchange platforms like Pancakeswap, BakerySwap, Julswap, etc.

10,000,000 $IWT (10 million)

$IWT circulation supply is currently zero (0).


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Icon World Token has chosen the Binance Smartchain Network (BSC/BEP20).

IWT aims to empower the ‘common’ public through decentralization to everyone unmindful of their financial climate. A small transaction in Ethereum at present costs a gas fee of a few hundred dollars. This is why IWT has chosen BSC over the Ethereum network. BSC is in no way inferior to the Etherum network and is comparatively fast and secured. BSC becomes the best alternative distributed ledger, ensuring a high degree of decentralization, and transparency to people.

IWT will work with a lot of team whose functions will include but not limited to;

Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer Expert.

Ask Me Anything (AMA) team.

Graphic and typographic Designer.

Language Translators (English, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese etc.).

Marketing and Data Analyst Team.

Voting and Consultation Team.

Ambassadors and Community Project Manager.

Award and Listing experts.

Iconworld.tech is the Icon World Token exchange platform that facilitate the trading of Icon tokens assets for other Icon token assets, including its digital and fiat currency. In effect, Iconworld.tech act as an intermediary between a buyer and a seller and make money through commissions and transaction fees.

It serves as a platform for other tokens who meets its legal requirements to carry out their Initial Exchange Offering.

$IWT looks forward to partnering with Foundations and Charity Organizations so as to be able to achieve its vision which is mission driven by its noble act of charity and/donations through the funds raised from the project.

$IWT can be reached out to through our Donation/Charity page. We also accept partnership with any Charity Organization or Foundations through contacting us on help@iconworld.tech (Email).

Yes, $IWT is built with a major focus on uniqueness and holding out to what it can achieve. It is driven by the plea for recognition, honorary regards, giving back to people what they give to the society as well as promoting part of the Millennium Goals which include poverty alleviation.

Competitors may abound but we see them as following a legacy set by Icon World Token ($IWT).

$IWT whitepaper is currently Version 1.0. This is the latest version of its whitepaper.

Icon World team will be used for the running of the Icon World Token smoothly with major focus on Ambassadorial Charity outreaches to Third World Countries and LDCs.

Icon Tokens are sub tokens under the IWT platform that replicate or hold the names of real-life icons. The Icon Tokens are designed to confer ‘deserved awards of merit' in representation and tribute to icons within the Icon World Token platform. The main function of Icon Tokens is community governance, making the IWT, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

$IWT currently has more than 20+ Icons to be listed among others who are still in consideration. Inclusively, Icon World Token (IWT) will serve as its governance token as well as the Chinese Yuan Icon (CYI) which will serve as the Iconworld.tech exchange token.

Other tokens will include but not limited to Icon Elon Musk (IEM), Icon Chang ZhaO (ICZ) Icon Nelson Mandela (INM), Icon Beyoncé (IB), Icon Angelina Jolie (IAJ), etc.

Yes, $IWT will trade in various Exchange Platforms. Nevertheless, only Icon Tokens can be traded in the Iconworld.tech Exchange platform.

Notable Icons are conspicuously and obviously known nevertheless Icon World Token have a team of experts whose job descriptions entails the detailing and assessment of this Icons with the reflection of their lives well lived and impactful contributions to the world at large. These Icons are then listed and advertised for voting by the Icon World Token society and then the results of the voter’s verdicts who will be put up next. In some delicate cases, however Icon World Token may list Icon Token(s) independent or regardless of prior voting.

From the excerpts above Icon Tokens are voted or listed after prior assessment by our Award and Listing Team.

Icons are NOT affiliated to tokens they represent at its initial listing but nevertheless Icons who wish to be affiliated to these tokens are open to application and approval. Icon World Token ($IWT) gives ten (10) percent of the total market supply volume of these tokens to these Icons who they represent. Donations and proceeds from these tokens are donated and distributed to Charity.

Icon Tokens are sub tokens under the Icon World Token ($IWT) platform that replicate or hold the names of real-life icons.

Initial Coin Offering or Initial Exchange Offering of $IWT is open to the general public with disclaimer of countries’ legal jurisdictions and approval. IEO will be done on Icon World Token exchange platform; Iconworld.tech.

Though cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have mainly integrated themselves with finance and investment sectors, they also play a significant role in other important aspects of life including health care and charity. With its transparency, it can adapt well to any circumstances or community of any tradition. Icon World Token is another virtual currency with a noble idea of reflecting essence and value in an honorary equivalence to living or deceased icons with recognition of their significance and merit.

Icon World Token ($IWT) works with certified and experts in Web development, backend and database management experts. Our core value is projecting a unique, patent protected and Search Engine Optimized project as with regards our community funds.

We pay keen attention to Security and Operation of our server and majorly our team works daily to protect and secure our server.

Currently Icon World Token has NO Application (both mobile or PC application). However, users can access our secured and hundred percent unique exchange platform Iconworld.tech website both with mobile phones and Computers.

The Icon World Token Launchpad is programmed to update users on our daily, weekly and/or seasonal announcement.

$IWT uses basic blockchain security which is based on a comprehensive risk management system for a blockchain network, using cybersecurity frameworks, assurance services and best practices to reduce risks against attacks and fraud.