Bill gate
Bill Gate

Birthday October 28th

The co-founder of Microsoft, is widely known for his philanthropic efforts through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which he established with his ex-wife Melinda Gates in 2000. The foundation focuses on addressing some of the world's most pressing challenges, including global health, poverty alleviation, education, and access to technology.

Elon musk
Elon Musk

Birthday June 28th.

The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, is known for his involvement in various philanthropic initiatives.He established The Musk Foundation in 2002 While he is primarily focused on advancing technology and exploring space, he has made significant contributions to causes related to renewable energy, education, and global challenges.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Birthday February 5th

The renowned Portuguese footballer, is well-known not only for his exceptional skills on the field but also for his philanthropic efforts off the field. Throughout his career, Ronaldo has been involved in several charitable initiatives, showing his commitment to making a positive impact on society.

Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela

Birthday July 18th

the renowned South African anti-apartheid leader and former president, dedicated his life to fighting for social justice and equality. While he is primarily known for his activism and political achievements, Mandela also contributed to philanthropic efforts throughout his life.Nelson Mandela Foundation established this organization in 1999 and Nelson Mandela Children's Fund founded this fund in 1995.

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie

Birthday June 4th

An acclaimed actress and humanitarian, has been actively involved in various philanthropic initiatives. She has focused on a range of global issues, particularly those related to refugee rights, women's rights, education, and healthcare.She has been a Goodwill Ambassador for the UNHCR since 2001 and later became a Special Envoy in 2012.Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative (PSVI) In 2012,She co-founded the PSVI with the UK government.

Changpeng Zhao(CZ)

Birthday February 5th

The founder and CEO of Binance, one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges. While there isn't an extensive public record of Changpeng Zhao's philanthropic initiatives, Binance and CZ have been involved in several charitable endeavors and initiatives.He is founded of Binance Charity Foundation and Blockchain Charity Foundation.